Endless EB302SS Swivel Steel Brake Line Kit Mazda RX-7 86-92 Image1
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Endless Swivel Steel Brake Line Kit Mazda RX-7 86-92

  • Unique Swivel Design

  • Stainless Steel

  • OE Style Fitment

Product Details

Endless Swivel Steel Brake Line Kit Mazda RX-7 86-92

The swivel steel type is a high quality, high performance brake line. The chassis side of the brake line features a fine steel material swivel fitting to eliminate bind while the socket portion uses a compression-type, high-quality stainless fitment. the brake hose uses a Teflon coating for protection again debris, etc.

New Brake Line Standards: Endless brake lines pass JIS Standards regarding life, rusting, oil and compression for safety in the Japanese market. Recently, standards for brake line mounting have become even more stringent. For example, using a zip tie to hold a brake line is no longer acceptable. thus endless has begun to produce the Endless Swivel Steel brake lines with application specific OE-style brackets to ensure the highest safety standard.

Fits: Mazda RX-7 86-92 FC3S w/ ABS

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