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Tomei Strengthened Timing Belt 4AG

  • Aramid kevlar fiber

  • H-NB rubber

  • High tensile strength

Tomei 151079 Strengthened Timing Belt 4AG
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Product Details

The Timing Belt is a common part of the engine, but not all OEM and aftermarket timing belts are designed for highly tuned engines. The increased stress load of aggressive camshafts, uprated valve springs, and extreme heat can cause premature wear and failure of the timing belt. The Tomei Powered Strengthened Timing Belt is designed and manufactured with a kevlar fiber (Aramid) belt surface, H-NB rubber, and glass cable core for increased tensile strength and durability. This results in consistent and precise valve timing, ensure engine is operating at optimum, and keep everything in check under extreme conditions.


Rubber H-NBR High Saturation H-NBR
Cable Core Glass High Strength Glass
Belt Surface Nylon Kevlar + Nylon


Life Comparison
Cutting Prevention 3 - 4x more
Heat Proof 2 - 3x more
Crack Prevention 3 - 4x more
Wear Proof 2 - 3x more
* Compared with the STD belt.  

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Vehicle Applications

Years Make Model Trim Chassis Engine Notes
1985 - 1987 Toyota COROLLA SPORT GTS     Timing Belt
1987 - 1988 Toyota COROLLA FX16FX16 GTS     Timing Belt
1988 - 1991 Toyota COROLLA GTS     Timing Belt
1985 - 1989 Toyota MR2 BASE     Timing Belt
1983 - 1987 Toyota Corolla   (AE86) 4AGE