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Peak Performance TRANNYMOUNT-STREET Street Transmission Mount S13 S14 S15 Image1
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Peak Performance Street Transmission Mount S13 S14 S15

   2 reviews

  • Solid transmission mount

  • Good w/Nismo/Kazama eng. mount

  • Helps reduce driveline vib.

Peak Performance TRANNYMOUNT-STREET Street Transmission Mount S13 S14 S15
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Product Details

Peak Performance Street Transmission Mount (Transmission) S13 S14 S15


Peak Performance Street Tranny Mount is built for street/strip use to reduce transmission flex during high RPM shipfting.  These bushings help in precise gear to gear change and less chance for mis-shift which hurts transmission synchros.  The pro version is also available which is made of harder urethane material than the normal version.

Product Reviews and Ratings

4.0 out of 5.0 based on 2 reviews

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By Jorge

Jun 17, 2014

Easy install. I used this in combination with circuit sports engine mounts and my S13 feels very responsive and predictable. It does what I want it to do and now my shifter does not move all over the place. Only con is that with this combination your car will vibrate. It goes away when youre driving anyway.

By Ivan

Jun 3, 2014

Installed this mount last weekend cause my stock one wore out and tore apart. I got to say that I am not pleased with this mount at all. The vibrations are pretty bad, the drive shaft might be the only thing that isn't vibrating. It is the worst at idle or anything below 1,000 rpm, it is decent at acceleration. Wouldn't mind it so much if it wasn't for stopping at every stop light to an embarrassing rattle, even causes the hatch trim to shake. Going to give it about a month to wear in...if it does not, will be switching all mounts to something else. If this street mount is bad, I can only imagine how bad the "race or track" version of this mount must feel like. Should come with warning sign: Could start an earthquake.