HPS 57-1215-BLK Silicone Radiator Hose Black 05-11 Toyota 4Runner V6 4.0L Image1

HPS Silicone Radiator Hose Black 05-11 Toyota 4Runner V6 4.0L

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HPS 57-1215-BLK Silicone Radiator Hose Black 05-11 Toyota 4Runner V6 4.0L
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Product Details

Toyota 05-11 4Runner V6 4.0L HPS High Temp Reinforced Silicone Radiator Coolant Hose Kit Black is designed to replace stock OEM rubber coolant hoses which can eventually weaken over time, leading to premature failure. With premium quality silicone and race inspired design, this HPS silicon radiator coolant hose kit can withstand the harsh high temperature and high pressure operating conditions of the engine yet still maintaining peak efficiency during competition or daily driving.

Key Features
Stay Cool - Old cracked or split radiator hoses are not efficiently cooling your engine which can cause it to overheat leaving you stranded. So maintain your 4Runner cooling system by replacing your old brittle hoses now before it's too late. Perfect for racing or daily driving application.

Direct Fit - HPS silicone radiator hose kit has all the correct bends and curves for a perfect fit replacement on your 4Runner, it is not a cheap one size fits all universal hose you get at the local parts store that you have to fight with to install.

Premium Quality - HPS Silicon coolant hose kit is made from multi-ply premium grade silicone and reinforced with high-quality polyester for which reduces the risk of component failure and enables higher temperature and pressure to be maintained with complete confidence.

Technical Specifications
Temperature Range:- 65 deg. F to + 350 deg. F (177 deg. C)
Color: Black
Material: 3-Ply Reinforced High Temp Silicone
100% Stainless Steel Clamps are included for easy installation

Vehicle Application
2011 Toyota 4Runner V6 4.0L
2010 Toyota 4Runner V6 4.0L
2009 Toyota 4Runner V6 4.0L
2008 Toyota 4Runner V6 4.0L
2007 Toyota 4Runner V6 4.0L
2006 Toyota 4Runner V6 4.0L
2005 Toyota 4Runner V6 4.0L

Silicone hose is NOT compatible with fuel or oil.

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