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Megan Racing Short Shifter Kit VW 99-03 Golf/Gti 5peed

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  • Reduces height at least 1 inch

  • Easy Install

  • Megan 1 year limited warranty

Megan Racing SS-VWG99 Short Shifter Kit VW 99-03 Golf/Gti 5peed
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Product Details

The Short Shifter is made with high strength billet steel and nickel plated for ultra low friction and corrosion resistance. The throw is reduced up to 40%, and shift knob height is reduced by 1 to 3 inches depending on the model. These shifters provide a more precise shift and allows for quicker shifting without drastically changing the overall driving experience. They have been designed specifically for the more aggressive tuner who demands the most extreme shifter in terms of both looks and performance.

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3.0 out of 5.0 based on 1 review

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By Evan

Feb 9, 2017

Over all a great shifter didn't take long to install maybe an hour because I was told you are supposed to jack the car up and remove a gear shift cover to get at the cable better but I did it all inside the car, probably would have been easier to do the cable hookup under the car haha. The shifting is much stiffer now and more precise. The only reason I give it a 3/5 is because I couldn't tell the difference in the throw length and I don't like that you no longer have to push the shifter down to get into reverse...makes it kinda hard to find 1st gear sometimes. I've been rolling up to a stop sign and it grinded almost into reverse so that was a little scary haha if these things were to be fixed and I was given one as a tester I would totally bump my review up to 5/5!