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HKS 27006-AN001 Shift Return Spring Kit SR20DET Image1
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HKS Shift Return Spring Kit SR20DET

   1 review

  • For S13/S14 SR20DET

  • Stiffen up the Shifter

  • For Daily or Hard Driving

HKS 27006-AN001 Shift Return Spring Kit SR20DET
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Product Details

HKS Shifter Return Spring Kit for the S13/S14 SR20DET transmission comes with 2 soft springs and 2 hard springs. Users has the choice of how they want to stiffen up the shifter by adding single or double spring combination into the shifter assembly. Kit comes with the HKS logo for the locking nut. This kit is great for stiffening up the shifter, increasing shifter feel, and aids in avoiding mis-shifts. This kit is recommended for all sorts of drivers (daily, track, or drift). To install, remove the 2 bolts from both sides of the transmission under the shifter assembly. It is a pretty straight forward swap.


Product Reviews and Ratings

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By Caesar

Sep 6, 2009

Much Thanks to FR sports that carries this items!! This shifter return spring is a MUST have!! I use it with the B&M shifter together and it makes a night & day difference. If you ever experience the shifter floping like crazy (with OEM springs) while driving very slow in low gear ( feels like its gonna stall ). These springs will instantly eliminate 95% of that feel! Plus the gear shifting is much certain which definitely reduce alot of mis-shift, and it makes heel & toe practice alot easier. Also, it drasticly improve clutch feel. Before the install, I thought I had a worn clutch, but after the install it feels almost like new again! The installation is really straight forward just like the pics shown at the user install. I installed the 300% springs instead of the sports set. It was really stiff on the first few days, but after 2 weeks having them, you'll love the Gr.A racing feel, and I drive it in daily city traffic. In time if the spring soften down a bit, then I'll put in the smaller spring to make it 350%. On a satisfied user pov I believe you may delay other upgrades, but not this one.