GReddy 10541000 SUS Headers Mazda RX-7 Base 1993-1995 Image1
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GReddy SUS Headers Mazda RX-7 Base 1993-1995

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GReddy 10541000 SUS Headers Mazda RX-7 Base 1993-1995
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SUS Turbo Manifold For Turbine Kit, Fits: TD07S/T78/T88, Primaries: 50.8mm, Wastegate Pipe: 50.8mm, Wastegate Type: R/C Requires Air Pump Removal Mazda RX-7 Base 1993-1995 R2

A perfect match to GReddy cat-back exhaust systems and/or GReddy Supercharger Kits. All GReddy headers are made from stainless steel mandrel bent pipes. Great care was taken during the design to enhance the performance of your normally-aspirated or Supercharged vehicle, by fine-tuning the placement, size and angle of each collector to even out the exhaust pulses. Combined with large primary runners make GReddy Headers a solid choice for your vehicle. Full stainless steel exhaust manifolds Large primary runners, with tuned lengths & smooth collectors Ideal for tuned Normally-Aspirated to Supercharged applications CARB Excempt for many applications

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