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Megan Racing SR20DET Exhaust Turbo Outlet Elbow

SKU. 077J3    Part No. TO-NS13      7 reviews

Megan Racing TO-NS13 SR20DET Exhaust Turbo Outlet Elbow Image1
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Megan Racing TO-NS13 SR20DET Exhaust Turbo Outlet Elbow
List Price: $135.00
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  • Overview

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    • Stainless steel

    • Increase exhaust flow

    • Includes hardware & gaskets

    Product Details

    Nissan SR20DET Exhaust Turbo Outlet Elbow


    Megan's O2 SR20DET Turbo Extension replaces the factory oem turbo outlet elbow to allow more exhaust air to flow freely, resulting in more power and better response.  A cheaper alternative to Greddy's O2 extension.  Comes with everything you see and bolts on without any modifications required.


    Note: Megan supplies the nuts and bolts, however it only comes with 3 studs to use on the 5 bolt outlet. Use the existing studs off your turbo or purchase new ones off our site

  • Specifications
    Brand Megan Racing
    Part Number TO-NS13
    GTIN 788536925218
    Category Vehicle Parts ▸
    Exhaust ▸
    Turbo Outlets
    Item Code 077J3
    Length 13 in.
    Width 8 in.
    Height 6 in.
    Weight 5.00 lb.
    Created Sunday, January 1, 2012
    Last Updated Monday, November 20, 2017
  • Ratings & Reviews

    Product Reviews and Ratings

    4.7 out of 5.0 based on 7 reviews

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    By Rece

    Mar 29, 2013

    Great turbo elbow not only did it come with all the hardware it also came with that mini o2 adapter. Install was a breeze used all the studs slid right on and dident half to modify anything highly recommended for anyone with aftermarket exhaust and turbo

    By Daniel

    Dec 8, 2012

    Works great. Installing it on the turbo with the motor in the car tho is a pita. Properly locking down your bolts will be very time consuming lol. I have the greedy trust 3" do, doesn't even come close to my drive shaft. Looking forward to a t28 upgrade soon. Good manifold if bought new. I did not wrap mine BTW.

    By Ivan

    Mar 27, 2011

    I used themal wrapand drilled a hole for my ergo wideband on the probuct. Great gas air flow.

    By james

    Mar 11, 2011

    ok... the elbow did provide a slightly quicker response, but getting on my car was a severe issue. i had to modify my downpipe to get the holes to line up, and although it doesnt hit the driveshaft, it comes awefully close. it works fine, much better than stock, but highly recommend getting the megan racing downpipe to go with it and just have it professionally installed.

    By aaron

    Jan 26, 2011

    great elbow iv had for about 4 months and it hasnt cracked or warped at all. good product.

    By John

    Jan 10, 2010

    Excellent elbow at an excellent price! There was a noticeable difference in boost response and power over the stock elbow.

    By jesse

    May 11, 2009

    this is the best turbo elbow out thare for red top sr20 applications it does not hit drive shaft like cheap ebay elbows comes with all hardware needed and new gaskets

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      1989 Nissan 240SX SE
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