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Nissan 15053-1E400 S13 (Blacktop) S14 S15 Oil Strainer Pickup Gasket Image1

Nissan S13 (Blacktop) S14 S15 Oil Strainer Pickup Gasket

  • Use on NON Grooved Flanges

  • Gasket Style

  • Recommended w/ new strainer

Product Details

New Nissan S13 S14 S15 oil strainer gasket. Required for everyone replaceing their strainer due to damaged oil pan or upgraded oil pan.  This gasket is absolutely important for oil pump to operate correctly. Runnign without this gasket is like sucking water through a straw with the hole on the side. Please replace with while doing your strainer.


This works on S13 SR20DET that have the flat machined flange oil strainer.  This was found on the S13 Blacktops and S14-S15 engines.


If you have the S13 SR20DET with a groove machined for an O-Ring, please purchase the O-ring.  This was originally found on the S13 redtop engines.

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