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HKS S-Type Intercooler Kit S13 Silvia SR20DET

SKU. Not available    Part No. 1301-RN112  

HKS 1301-RN112 S-Type Intercooler Kit S13 Silvia SR20DET Image1
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HKS 1301-RN112 S-Type Intercooler Kit S13 Silvia SR20DET
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  • Overview

    Quick Info

    • Cast aluminum piping

    • Tube and fin core design

    • Good for up to 450HP

    Product Details

    HKS S-Type Intercooler Kits are application specific upgrade kits for out-of-the-factory intercooled turbocharged vehicles. HKS utilizes a tube and fin intercooler core with cast aluminum end tanks and cast aluminum intercooler pipes. All the necessary silicone hoses, brackets, hardware, and fittings are included with each kit for a true bolt-on installation.

    HKS S-Type intercooler kits are top notch front mount intercooler kits utilizing a 600x301x65 core. This core is good for up to 450HP. S-Type kits is designed with a multiple loop shape on the outer fins and a striaght through design on the inner fins. This allows the pressurized air to quickly pass through giving your motor the ultimate in cooler air.

    • HKS (1301-RN112) S-Type Intercooler Kit for PS13 (Silvia Front End)
    • Cast aluminum intercooler piping
    • 600x301x65 Core Dimension
    • Multiple loop outer fin design
    • Straight through inner fin deisgn
    • Hardware included

    Accept Nothing but the best from HKS. Expensive but very high quality and worth the price. Comes with everything required for quick and easy bolt on installation.


    ** Discontinued **

  • Specifications
    Brand HKS
    Part Number 1301-RN112
    Category Vehicle Parts ▸
    Cooling System ▸
    Intercoolers ▸
    Intercooler Kits
    Item Code
    Length 41 in.
    Width 17 in.
    Height 17 in.
    Weight 30.00 lb.
    Created Sunday, January 1, 2012
    Last Updated Monday, November 20, 2017
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