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GKTech S-Chassis Billet Aluminum Knuckles

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GKTech fullupright S-Chassis Billet Aluminum Knuckles
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  • Overview

    Quick Info

    • Bolt on S13 14 15

    • High Quality Construction

    • Corrects roll center

    Product Details



    • spindle height raised 40mm's to correct roll center
    • modular steering arm (choice between 4 steering arms at the time of ordering)
    • adjustable steering arm to correct bump steer
    • modular caliper mount with ABS provision (choice between 2 brackets at the time of ordering; standard and extended bracket to suit 4pot caliper with 324mm R33 GTR rotor
    • S13 version is: 2.52kg which is a 24% reduction over standard
    • S14/S15 version is: 2.63kg which is a 31% weight reduction over standard
    • adjustable camber +/- 2.4 degrees
    • mix and match when ordering. Ie. ability to order the knuckle with S14 spindle, with S14 ball joint insert but with S13 strut bolts (12mm Vs S14/S15 having 14mm)
    • CAD files available to the general public for steering arm and caliper bracket development at a later date


    Options include:

    Spindle type

    • S13 spindle for use with 4 stud hubs
    • S14/S15 spindle for use with 5 stud hubs (perfect if you want to do a 5 stud conversion on your S13/180sx. Just buy a pair of 5 stud hubs and you're done)

    Strut mount inserts

    • S13 strut mounts (12mm holes)
    • S14/S15 strut mounts (14mm holes)

    Ball joint inserts

    • S13 ball joint insert
    • S14/S15 ball joint insert

    Brake caliper mount

    • Standard brake caliper mount
    • 324mm brake caliper mount for use with 4 pot R32, Z32, S14 or S15 calipers using R33 GTR rotors

    Steering arms

    • Standard steering arms are exactly that, they're in the same position as the standard steering arms and are ideal for circuit/track racers or non drift cars that aren't after extreme steering angle
    • Extreme steering arms feature; the fastest turninng/transitions of all 4 arms, gives the most inside wheel lock (+12 degrees over factory steering arm), has the most Ackermann effect of all the arms. NOTE: offset steering rack extenders or steering rack relocation required (we sell offset steering rack extenders for $69 if ordered at the time you're ordering the knuckles)
    • JP Special steering arms feature; similar turning speed to the standard steering arm, -4 degrees of lock (yes, slightly less steering lock from the arm itself), very linear response, even at extreme lock angles, - less Ackermann effect than standard or extreme steering arms
    • Zero ackerman steering arms feature; - keeps the wheels pointing in the same direction at all steer angles (ie no Ackermann effect), similar turning speed to the extreme steering arm, +3 degrees of steering lock from inside wheel and +13 degrees of lock from outside wheel, less tendency for the tie rod on the inside wheel to overcentre, meaning no need for offset rack spacers or rack relocation, gives the most outside wheel lock (assuming it doesn’t hit the castor rod), reduces tyre scrubbing and avoids washing off speed mid-drift

    Steering rack extenders

    • Standard steering rack extenders offer an additional 19mm's of steering rack travel
    • Offset steering rack extenders offer extra steering rack travel and also move the pickup position forward allowing more steering angle. These are only required if you have moved your steering rack forward already or you're not after steering angle. The offset rack spacers are not recommended for cars that are used frequently. (ie. only for dedicated drift cars)
  • Specifications
    Brand GKTech
    Part Number fullupright
    Category Vehicle Parts ▸
    Suspension & Steering ▸
    Item Code
    Length 20 in.
    Width 8 in.
    Height 6 in.
    Weight 40.00 lb.
    Created Sunday, January 1, 2012
    Last Updated Monday, November 20, 2017
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