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Power Enterprise Rotrex Supercharger Kit Honda CRZ 2010+

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  • Provides Linear Power Increase

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Power Enterprise ROH-105 Rotrex Supercharger Kit Honda CRZ 2010+
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What makes the ROTREX Super Chargers better than any other super charger in the market?
1) Patented Traction Drive (No toothed-gears are used, means much less heat generated and much quieter than conventional super chargers).
2) Centrifugal Compressor, speeds up to 250,000rpm (Same as turbo, except it works from much lower RPM to high as turbo's power band)
3) Higher efficiency, much higher adiabatic efficiency compared to any other super charger and power drain is less than to rotate a waterpump.
4) Compactness, Reliability and Silent operation (there is no metal to metal gear contact in the mechanism).
5) Applying the extremely efficienct Rotrex supercharger technology actually increases Gas Mileage, especially at freeway crusing speeds.


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Honda CR-Z