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Driveshaft Shop Right 475HP Axle Level 2.9 86-89 Integra

  • Big HP Axle

  • New Not Rebuilt

  • Superior to OEM

Driveshaft Shop RA3991X2 Right 475HP Axle Level 2.9 86-89 Integra
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Driveshaft Shop Right 475HP Level 2.9 86-89 Integra

The unbelievable Level 2.9 axles are now available. These axles are for the extreme street/track machine and designed to handle up to 500HP (on some applications) forced induction or all-motor (yes that's right) at the wheels. These axles are the result of Driveshaft Shop's extreme track testing. The inner and center bar is borrowed from the track tested Level 3 system, using a new proprietary material and our solid torsional center bars, chromoly spline plug and high grade ball and cage inner housings that are stronger and better suited for axle angles on lowered and swapped cars than the tripod style inners. What really makes these axles stand apart from the rest is the new outer cv made from high grade chromoly that has one of the wildest heat treats known to man. During destructive testing it broke a 300m bar!!! It's designed to fit the standard spline size of most platforms and these axles come with removable ABS rings.


Price is per axle.

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