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ACL Race Rod Bearing Set Honda/Acura K20A2/K24A

  • Performance rod bearings

  • Designed for high RPM

  • High load carrying capacity

ACL 4B1972H/X Race Rod Bearing Set Honda/Acura K20A2/K24A
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Product Details

ACL performance race bearings for the Honda/Acura K20A2/K24A.  ACL race bearings are manufactured with a tri-layer metal with a hardened steel backing in order to withstand high RPM conditions, high stress loads, and high temperatures.  Each ACL race bearing design features the following:

  • Large chamfer to accomodate larger crankshaft fillets
  • 3/4 groove to provide optimum oil supply to rods and to maximize load carrying capacity
  • Incresed crush and tighter wall tolerance for better seating
  • Improved overlay and reduced thickness for increased fatigue strength
  • Hardened steel backing to maintain crush under high loads and temperatures


ACL Race Rod Bearings Honda/Acura K20A2/K24A Detailed Specifications
Part Number 4B1972H 4B1972HX
Available Sizes

STD, 0.025, 0.25


Oil Clearance Standard +0.001" Extra
Half Type Identical Halves Upper & Lower
Material Tri-metal hardened steel backs Tri-metal hardened steel backs
Min. Std. Shaft Size 1.889" / 47.98mm 2.1646" / 54.98mm
Max. Std. Shaft Size 1.8898" / 48mm 1.8898" / 48mm
Min. Std. Tunnel Size 2.008" / 51.004mm 2.008" / 51.004mm
Max. Std. Tunnel Size 2.0088" / 51.024mm 2.0088" / 51.024mm
Max Wall at Crown 0.0591" / 1.5mm 0.0585" / 1.487mm
Max. Overall Length 0.6063" / 15.40mm 0.6063" / 15.40mm
Notes for Honda/Acura K20A2/K24A Engines

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