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Porterfield AP 345 R4-S R4S AP345 Rear Brake Pads All FERRARI 550 Marinello Image1
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Porterfield R4S AP345 Rear Brake Pads All FERRARI 550 Marinello

  • Heavy duty street/track pads

  • High brake pad friction level

  • Extremely low brake dust

Product Details

Porterfield R4-S high performance street and autocross brake pads are great for heavy-duty street and light track applications. Compound is perfect for everyday use while still keeping the highly capable track ready performance. The R4-S features a high friction level that will incease your stopping power with minimal pedal effort.

The R4-S series pads are VERY VERY rotor friendly and yield very low levels of dust; levels are far below OEM equipement or any other high performance brake pads. Your car will stop better and your wheels will stay cleaner longer. Good for autocross, rallies, driving school, and of course daily driving with a little extra stopping power. R4-S pads are avaiable for virtually all vehicles sold in the US and custom R4-S pad sizes for competition style calipers are also available.

This is one of the very best all around street/strip brake pads available at a great price.


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