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Denso R-M13 Iridium Long-Life Spark Plug

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Denso SKJ20DR-M13 R-M13 Iridium Long-Life Spark Plug
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Closely related to platinum and exhibiting even tougher qualities, the rare metal iridium is an ideal material for spark plugs. The DENSO Iridium Long Life plug was specifically designed for long service life and consistent performance in the latest, most advanced production cars. A fine-wire, 0.7mm iridium center electrode is 360-degree laser welded in place using an exclusive DENSO process, then matched to a platinum ground electrode. This pair of precision-formed, premium-metal electrodes dramatically extend the plug's useful life. The DENSO Iridium Long Life plug has been selected as original equipment on many of the world's top cars, including those from GM, Toyota, Honda, and Mitsubishi. There's a simple reason for that: these manufacturers needed the best.


  • Fine-wire iridium center electrode
  • Platinum ground electrode
  • 360 degree laser-welded spark tip



  • Sustained spark performance over 100,000 miles
  • Withstands higher pressures and temperatures
  • Reduced spark plug wear and erosion

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