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ACT Prolite Flywheel Honda Civic/CRX 90-01

  • 8.4 lbs

  • Dynamically Balanced

  • 1 Piece Design

ACT 600115 Prolite Flywheel Honda Civic/CRX 90-01
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Most stock flywheels are heavy cast iron and are designed for optimum driveability by storing some of the engine's power in the form of inertia. ACT's XACT flywheels provide significantly improved engine response and acceleration without compromising driveability. XACT flywheels are lighter but designed for strength and affordability.


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*** Item has been discontinued *** 

  • Lightest ACT Flywheel
  • Best throttle response, lowest inertia
  • Super rigid precision-made and dynamically balanced
  • Recommended for road and rally racing
  • Honda Civic/CRX SOHC 1.6L, 1.5L 90-01
  • 8.4 lbs

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