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Eibach Pro Truck Shocks Ford F-150 Limited 2005-2008

  • Truck Lowering Kit

  • Improve Handling

  • Easy Install

Eibach 35112.840 Pro Truck Shocks Ford F-150 Limited 2005-2008
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Eibach developed Pro-Truck-Shocks specifically to match Eibach Pro-Truck products, taking full advantage of the increased spring rates and the lower center of gravity of the vehicle. The result is enhanced performance throughout the entire working range of the suspension without the stiffness or ride harshness, that which no one wants. This type of tuning takes time and suspension expertise, a commitment Eibach believes in, to produce a Truck and SUV shock worthy of the Eibach name. Driving is believing. Until you have driven a Truck or SUV equipped with Pro-Truck-Shocks, you will not believe the transformation in handling and performance, all without sacrificing ride quality.

  • Performance shock absorbers
  • High performance handling
  • Controlled, compliant ride quality
  • Precision tuned damping for Pro-Kit and Sportline
  • Essential part of the Eibach Pro-system and Sport-system
  • Pro Truck Shocks 2WD Crew Cab 2WD Ext. Cab 2WD Std. Cab 2WD Std. Cab

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