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Energy Suspension Power Band Tie Down Black

  • Durable Black Polyurethane

  • More firm than rubber

  • Energy Suspension Quality

Energy Suspension 9.9024G Power Band Tie Down Black
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Power Band Tie Down Black -

The Energy Suspension “Power Band” tie down straps are designed to be elastic enough to stretch easily to holding points. Each size band was engineered for its own length requirements. The wrong degree of elasticity will pull eyelets from tarps, damage goods and require the strength of an Olympic power lifter to use. This means a shorter band requires a thinner band of material. Initially we tested the bands with standard “S” hooks. The steel “S” hooks straightened out before the Power Band finally separated. Special holding fixtures had to be made to test for the breaking point. Our 24 inch Power Band actually stretched to ten feet, seven inches before separating. The 31 inch band stretches to 13 feet! These are not practical usage numbers, but it does show the incredible elastic strength of our material. We also decided to use a full 3/16 inch diameter stainless steel for our “S” hooks. This adds strength and helps protect against corrosion. Remember . . . only rich people can afford to buy rubber tie down straps…again and again and again.

  • Power Band, Color: Black, Size: 24in Long

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