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Energy Suspension 7.18107R Polyurethane Bushing Kit S14 240SX Red Image1

Energy Suspension Polyurethane Bushing Kit S14 240SX Red

   1 review

  • Master kit for all S14 chassis

  • Eliminate bushing deflection

  • Improve handling response

Energy Suspension 7.18107R Polyurethane Bushing Kit S14 240SX Red
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Product Details

Energy Hyperflex Master Bushing Kit for S14 chassis comes with replacement polyurethane bushings to replace the stock rubber bushing on the suspension arms. This will fix the suspension deflection that occurs when rubber bushings get worn out after years of use. Replacing your suspension arm with polyurethane bushings will keep the arms fixed during suspension movement keeping greater alignment of your suspension geometry. Note: This kit includes front & rear bushings.

Product Reviews and Ratings

4.0 out of 5.0 based on 1 review

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By Stephen

Apr 10, 2016

The bushings fit very well, nut it took me all day to install just the front suspension. If you dont have or have access to a shop press, dont even try to do this. So far the front was perfect except the front control arm bushing. Its a tapered design and one side fit nicely while the other bushing (two piece plus the metal insert) had roughly a 16th of an inch all the way around the bushing. I had to cut my factory bushing in half, clean it out, press the polly bushing in, and press that into the control arm. Unfortunately i bent my control arm several times trying to get the old bushing out/ new frankenstein bushing in. It was bent back of course. But i got it together and now the front feels solid with no squeaks. So be mindfull of the front control arm problem before you buy.

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