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Radium Plug And Play Ems Kit Lotus Elise/Exige 2ZZ-GE Engine

  • Plug and Play

  • AEM EMS based

  • retains AEMTuner

Radium 20-0064 Plug And Play Ems Kit Lotus Elise/Exige 2ZZ-GE Engine

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Product Details

This is a plug and play programmable engine management solution for all 2ZZ-GE powered Lotus platforms including Elise, Elise SC, Exige, Exige-S, Cup and 2-Eleven. Installation is simple and requires no wire cutting to the factory harness.

This is not a simple reflash ECU and should only be considered for serious enthusiasts. The unit is based on a proven AEM (Advanced Engine Management) standalone EMS with hardware specifically modified by Radium for the Lotus platform. Fortunately, the Radium EMS kit still retains the powerful and popular AEMTuner user interface software (shown below), so all tuning tools are familiar to AEM experts. 

Although the stock Lotus ECU integrates into this EMS system via the supplied Radium main harness, the Radium EMS is not a “piggy-back” controller. The stock Lotus ECU is used only for simple functions such as A/C system, evaporative vent system, gauge cluster, fuel pump, starter relay, and electronic throttle. NOTE: Because the Radium system completely takes control of all other EFI components, this system is NOT emissions legal. THIS SYSTEM IS LEGAL ONLY FOR OFF-HIGHWAY RACING USE ONLY ON VEHICLES THAT MAY NEVER BE OPERATED ON PUBLIC ROADS.

The Radium EMS receives all engine related sensors such as CLT, IAT, KNK, CAS, CKS, TPS, ABS, O2, MAP, MAF, etc that can be data logged. All fuel injection parameters such as pulse width, injector phasing, ignition timing, ignition coil dwell, etc. are solely driven and programmable by the Radium EMS. Furthermore, the variable valve lift (VVL) and variable valve timing (VVTi) are also programmable. Both of the Lotus "slow" and "fast" speed cooling fans and the factory air intake valve activation points are adjustable in the software. The Radium EMS has endless standalone features such as: switchable maps, knock control, individual fuel and ignition cylinder trims, rev limiters, exhaust gas temperature control, nitrous control, dog box flat shift retard/cut, etc.

The real time tuning connection to the laptop is done through an included USB cable. The EMS kit also includes the AEMnet daisy chain connectors. This allows newer AEM products (4-channel wideband, water methanol injection, wideband failsafe gauge, aq-1 datalogger, etc.) to easily integrate and communicate information from one another via CAN bus for extra datalogging parameters. Wiring is as simple as plugging in a Deutsch connector.

Perhaps the best feature of the Radium EMS is the data logging. This compact EMS unit (4.8" x 4.6" x 1.4") can store 8MB of internal data logging. This equates to 125Hz (samples per second) for more than 84 min at its fastest, but it can be turned down to record for over 183 hrs at 1Hz or anything in between. The Radium EMS also features unlimited PC logging directly to your computer. The data can be viewed in the traditional and very familiar AEMLog software or the newest (included) AEMdata software, shown below. AEMdata has powerful features including custom math channels, x/y plots and histograms, stage or circuit modes and more, all aimed at making sure the user gets the most out of the available data.


Base EMS Kit Includes:

  • Radium Modified Programmable AEM EMS
  • Radium Anodized Billet Aluminum PnP Jumper Box
  • Radium Powder Coated Laser Cut Aluminum Mount
  • Radium PnP Braided Wiring Harness with CAN and USB
  • Radium Anodized Billet Aluminum Hex Standoffs (2004-2005 only)
  • Radium Base Maps: Naturally Aspirated, Supercharged, Turbocharged
  • Radium Lotus 2ZZ-GE Specific AEMTuner Workspace File
  • Stainless Steel and Aluminum Hardware

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