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Aeromotive Platinum Series 700 HP Fuel Pump

  • Upgrade Fuel Components

  • Aeromotive Quality

  • Easy Install

Product Details

Aeromotive Platinum Series 700 HP Fuel Pump

Compact, quiet and durable, these billet, in-line pumps are ideal for low to medium HP applications. Perfect for street rods and muscle cars, fuel injected or carbureted.

Each Platinum Series product features a mirror like, show-quality nickel finish that is virtually maintenance free and is identical in performance to its anodized brother. For more information, see the corresponding anodized product.

Fuel Injected Engines:

up to 700 HP ? naturally aspirated

up to 500 HP ? forced air induction

Carbureted Engines:

up to 900 HP ? naturally aspirated

up to 700 HP ? forced air induction
• Features a nickel finish.
• ORB-8 inlet ports and ORB-6 outlet ports.
• Durable pumping components that simply don?t wear out.
• Compact size facilitates easy mounting.
• For EFI applications use regulator P/N 13101 or P/N 13109.
• For Carbureted applications use regulator P/N 13204 or P/N 13301.
• Fully submersible for custom, in-tank placement.

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