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Kazama XKTE0700 Pillow Ball Tie Rod Ends (Outer) S13 Image1
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Kazama Pillow Ball Tie Rod Ends (Outer) S13

  • Improve steering response

  • Better turn radius (angle)

  • Long lasting pillowball ends

Kazama XKTE0700 Pillow Ball Tie Rod Ends (Outer) S13

Currently Unavailable

Product Details

Kazama Pillow Ball Tie Rod Ends allow adjustment of steering angle beyond factory settings, as well as corrections of the roll center. When vehicle is greatly lowered, the roll center is thrown off which causes bump steer issues. By installing the adjustable rod, an alignment shop can re-adjust the roll center thereby correcting or reducing bumpsteer. Adjustable tie rod ends also help provide greater steering angle allowing for deeper angle steering/countersteering. This will allow the car to hang longer before spinning out and also provide steeper drift angles.

Kazama Pillow Ball Tie Rod Ends features high quality construction and durable spherical pillow ball ends, which eliminates factory rubber bushing type suspension that usually leak and break creating click or clunks when steering.

Available for S13/S14 Tie Rods. We suggest using the S14 ends with S14 tein/kazama tie rods on s13 for best performance.

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