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SPL Parts PRO Rear HICAS Eliminator

  • Remove HICAS

  • Reduces floating

  • Also replaces tie rods

SPL SPL HEL S13 Parts PRO Rear HICAS Eliminator
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Product Details

For Hicas models, SPL Hicas eliminator eliminates the rear wheel steering feature while retaining the ability to adjust rear toe.  Hicas rear wheel steering provides increased stability in a high speed slalom, but also creates a floating feeling on a long corner and can also interfere with counter-steering when driving at the limit of traction.


Unlike other cheaper Hicas eliminators, this eliminator also replaces the inner tie rods.  Stock inner tie rods that came with the car are almost always bad, and can contribute to wheel hop.  New Nissan inner tie rods are costly, and in the long run the 12mm rod ends used in this eliminator is much cheaper to replace than Nissan inner tie rods.

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Vehicle Applications

Years Make Model Trim Chassis Engine Notes
Nissan 180SX       HICAS
1989 - 1990 Nissan 240SX   (S13) KA24E HICAS
1991 - 1994 Nissan 240SX   (S13) KA24DE HICAS
1989 - 1993 Nissan Silvia   (S13) CA18DET HICAS
1989 - 1993 Nissan Silvia   (S13) SR20DET HICAS