Nismo 55100-RS590 Rear Lower Link Set Rear Toe Control Arms S14 S15 Image1

Nismo Rear Lower Link Set Rear Toe Control Arms S14 S15

  • Reinforced rubber bushings

  • Improved respose

  • Authentic Nismo part

Product Details

Nismo Rear Lower Link Set (also known as rear toe control arms) provides true suspension support for your vehicle. Nismo suspension links are fitted with Nismo re-enforced rubber bushings that dramatically improves response and handling of the vehicle. These arms are coated with the famous Nismo silver and have added welded joints make these arms a lot stiffer and more durable then the stock ones. Comes in a pair (left and right).

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Vehicle Applications

Years Make Model Trim Chassis Engine Notes
1995 - 1998 Nissan 240SX   (S14) KA24DE  
1994 - 1998 Nissan Silvia   (S14) SR20DE  
1994 - 1998 Nissan Silvia   (S14) SR20DET  
1999 - 2002 Nissan Silvia   (S15) SR20DE  
1999 - 2002 Nissan Silvia   (S15) SR20DET  
1994 - 1998 Nissan 200SX (Non-US)   (S14) SR20DET  
2000 - 2002 Nissan 200SX (Non-US)   (S15) SR20DET  
ALL - ALL Nissan 240SX        
ALL - ALL Nissan 180SX        
ALL - ALL Nissan SILVIA        
ALL - ALL Nissan 200SX (NON-US)