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NRG Quick Release Kit Thin Version Black

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NRG SRK-400BK Quick Release Kit Thin Version Black
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NRG Quick Release Kit - Thin Version

The Thin Version Quick Release Kit is a totally redesigned version of the quick release systems, this quick release kit utilizes a pin and gear locking mechanism for maximum durability, no play, and all the while reducing required space. In fact, this reduces the height of our quick release systems by over half from a 3 inches height to a mere 1.25 inches.
Perfect for those individuals who feel the need to put their steering wheels further from their bodies, or for those who have the necessity to use a crush-type hub.

Quick Release Kit Thin Version, Color: Black

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By Taylor

Feb 1, 2013

NRG has come a long way from their initial crop of goods and each generation of their QRs has been better than the last. I run this with a Sparco 215 350mm leather wheel, the Works Bell Splash 6072 hub, and the QR is the super unobtrusive, engages smoothly, and is able to be operated easily with one hand. Great value for the money.