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GReddy 15500600 Multi Switching System (MSS) Image1
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GReddy Multi Switching System (MSS)

  • Two channel programmable

  • Controls 2 seperate devices

  • Warning feature

GReddy 15500600 Multi Switching System (MSS)
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Product Details

GReddy's Multi Switching System (MSS) is a two-channel programmable general output controller. The MSS is cockpit-mounted and wires into a vehicle's ECU harness and/or optional GReddy sensors and the electronic devices you want to control.

The MSS can control up to 2 separate electronic devices with the capability of turning on and off nitrous, solenoids, I/C-sprayers, warning lamps and many other electronic devices. Each channel can be programmed to activate through one, two or three parameters such as RPM, speed, temperature, boost or any other analog signal.


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