Momo R1960/32SHB Mod 30 Suede Steering Wheel 320mm  Image1
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Momo Mod 30 Suede Steering Wheel 320mm

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  • Quality suede material

  • Comfortable grip

  • Aircraft quality aluminum

Momo R1960/32SHB Mod 30 Suede Steering Wheel 320mm

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Product Details

Designed by the NGT / Momo Porsche Team this "D"-shaped wheel is available in 320mm suede with and without horn buttons.


Since 1966, the steering wheel and the Momo brand have been indelibly linked. From Formula 1 and ALMS to Grand-Am and NASCAR to SCCA and NASA, more world and national champions have won using a Momo steering wheel than any other brand. That same commitment to quality and engineering can be found in Momo steering wheels for your car. Quality materials such as aircraft quality aluminum, top-grain leather, and durable alcantara fabric are the hallmark of Momo Italian designed wheels. A Momo, Sparco or 6 bolt hub is required for installation.



  • 320MM / 12.59 inches
  • Anatomic grip rim section
  • Thumb buttons for horn / accessories
  • Can be used with MOMO hub
  • Top Grain Suede

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4.0 out of 5.0 based on 1 review

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By David

Feb 20, 2014

This steering wheel is quite small, and will be great for the precise movements I want it for. The suede provides excellent grip, and there are a million different indicators for wheel direction. Because of the small diameter the palm rests should be angled about 10-15 degrees toward the driver though. As it is you would have to have very narrow shoulders (i.e you are a child) to comfortably grip the wheel with these. This is annoying, but they are not so obtrusive that you can not still comfortably grip the wheel in other ways though. The dish is very shallow. Approximately 30 mm. You may want to consider a hub extension. The seams in the suede seem to be quite sturdy, and unlikely to separate. The suede is glued such that I would not expect any separation or curling on the edges either. The instructions that come with this wheel are for a wheel containing a center hole like you see on production cars, and completely useless here. I thought this was sort of humorous. I only glanced at them to make sure that they did not say to do anything special, but it could be important to others. Overall I far from hate this wheel, but I am not in love with it either.


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