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NRG Mini Bulbs 3022 Blue 12V 5W

  • Aesthetic Upgrade

  • Easy Install

  • NRG Quality

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OPTICS Color Coated Mini Bulbs

Lighting has always been an important of any car's systems. Whether its for better visibility, or simply to add another flair of style, look to NRG Optics systems for your lighting needs.
NRG OPTICS Color Coated Mini Bulbs are manufactured using the highest grade bulb filaments. We will never use refurbished components, simply because the filament is the foundation of a quality bulb. Color match your entire interior and exterior with NRG OPTICS Color Coated Mini Bulbs.
All Optics lighting carry a 90 day warranty.
Available in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

Mini Bulbs 3022 Style, Color: Blue, Voltage: 12V 5W

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