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LiquiMoly 10W-40 Engine Motor Oil MoS2 Anti-Friction 5 Liter

  • Superior oil film strength

  • Highly resistance to ageing

  • Increases fuel economy

LiquiMoly 2043 10W-40 Engine Motor Oil MoS2 Anti-Friction 5 Liter
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The MoS2 anti-friction lubricant forms a high load-bearing film of lubricant on all friction and sliding surfaces. The MoS2-lubricant film reduces the resistance to friction and allows engines to run -- so they conserve more energy even under extreme conditions. MoS2 Energy Conserving guarantees: significantly less fuel and oil consumption. Significant wear reduction, fewer breakdowns and emergency lubrication properties. Stable to ageing and stable viscosity. Good cold-start behaviour and high operational reliability. Prevents sludge formation. Tested on catalytic converters and turbochargers.


  • Fuel economy
  • Reduction of friction and wear
  • Deposit prevention
  • Oil film strength
  • Resistence to ageing
  • Made and tested in Germany


Intended Use: Year-round oil for modern petrol and Diesel engines with and without turbochargers. Especially suitable where there are long intervals between oil changes and extreme engine requirements.


***Oil can only be shipped UPS GROUND ONLY and sold in the states. Any international and air orders will automatically be cancelled while notifying customer.***

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