Eibach 0175.250.0150 Linear Tender Spring ID: 2.50in Length: 2.64in Rate: 150lbs/in Image1
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Eibach Linear Tender Spring ID: 2.50in Length: 2.64in Rate: 150lbs/in

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  • Helper Spring

  • Improve Handling

  • Easy Install

Eibach 0175.250.0150 Linear Tender Spring ID: 2.50in Length: 2.64in Rate: 150lbs/in
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While the Eibach ERS system provides a huge range of spring rates and suspension travel, there are always racing applications that require specially designed components. Our suspension engineers enjoy the challenge of creating unique designs that overcome special geometry, special weight challenges, or unusual design characteristics.

For example, all Eibach springs used by top-running teams in Formula 1, the famous WRC (World Rally Championship) , Le Mans/GT, and many Touring-Car Series are custom designed and manufactured. As an example: the extreme conditions and long-travel suspension performance found in today?s off-road race vehicles often require multiple progressive characteristics?a tough assignment for a lesser spring manufacturer, but a welcome challenge for Eibach..

  • Uncountable individual combination possibilities to create from standard spring components ex stock
  • High spring travel (deflection) and therefore high end loads at short mounting lengths
  • Block resistance
    Surface treated through shot-peening
  • High dynamic durability (component longevity)
  • Precise tolerances
  • High quality corrosion protection by phosphating and epoxy coating
  • Individual protective packaging
  • Easy identification (imprinted with Part no.-indicates spring rate and physical dimensions)
  • Linear Tender Spring
  • Block Height: 0.89in
  • ID: 2.50in
  • Length: 2.64in
  • Load @ Block Height: 264lbs
  • Rate: 150lbs/in
  • Travel: 1.75in

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By John

Jun 3, 2017

Purchased 4 tender springs but realized there was a design problem. The ends of the springs overlapped and when blocked would not be parallel. Put in a vice there was a high spot at the overlap of the ends that exceeded .150". Not acceptable! Eibach USA concurred and sent 4 replacement springs. They were as bad as the originals. When questioned was told that was within engineering specs. Returned all 8 springs and purchased H&R tender springs that were designed and manufactured correctly.