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OS Giken LSD Limited Slip Differential 986 Porsche Boxster 5MT

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OS Giken PR131-HA LSD Limited Slip Differential 986 Porsche Boxster 5MT
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The OS Super Lock LSD is the culmination of over four years of extensive research and development that led to a revolutionary LSD design with the capacity to house an unprecedented number of friction plates (up to 28 plates in total). Combined with our patented lock timing system, the Super Lock LSD is able to achieve complete lock in a progressive, smooth, and quiet manner, making it suitable for both street and racing performance. The OS LSD standard spec allows for low preload while still retaining a fully progressive 100% lock capability; basically, the vehicle will feel like driving on an open diff in slow turns / street driving, but can still transmit maximum power to the drive wheels under load.

Operation is ultra quiet, and the progressive locking allows for smooth, predictable locking. Especially when replacing an open diff, equipping OS LSD will completely improve the driving experience while maintaining everyday drivability. Due to the precision manufacturing, high-grade materials, and unique design, a break-in period nor rebuild is required for OS Giken LSD?s. OS LSD is purposefully over-engineered to offer the best performing, most durable clutch-type LSD available. Aside from the performance advantage and stock-like feel at slow speeds, vehicles equipped with OS LSD are more stable in all road/weather conditions, allowing for a safer driving experience.

  • H6
  • 5MT only
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