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Innovate Motorsports LM-1 AuxBox Kit LM-1 & LMA-3 Kit

  • Air fuel meter

  • Complete wideband tuner

  • 6 Channels of data logging

Innovate Motorsports 3756 LM-1 AuxBox Kit LM-1 & LMA-3 Kit
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Innovate 3756 LM-1 AuxBox Kit (LM-1 + LMA-3) 


LM-1 Aux Box Kit: Digital Air/Fuel Ratio Meter plus the LMA-3 Aux Box Cable The LM-1 by Innovate Motorsports is the industry's first and best complete O2 AFR wideband tuning system. A single self-contained unit combines a wideband air/fuel ratio sensor controller, a 6-channel data logger, and an easy-to-read backlit LCD display. This is the unit used by tuners, racers, and engine builders the world over. The Innovate Motorsports AuxBox Kit is comprised of the basic kit plus the LMA-3 (AuxBox) input Expander Cable. The AuxBox will give you the choice of picking sensors existing from the vehicle or use the 5 internal sensors. The five internal sensors are: RPM conversion (from a tach signal or inductive clamp), Manifold Air Pressure (MAP or Boost), Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) or Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT), Acceleration, and Injector Duty Cycle (Dwell). 


    Kit Includes:
  • LM-1 Digital Air Fuel Ratio Meter
  • AuxBox (LMA-3) Input Accessory
  • Bosch 5-wire Wideband 02 Sensor
  • Analog Output Cable
  • 10ft. Sensor Cable
  • 10ft. Power Cable (Cig)
  • 6ft. Serial Cable for PC Connection
  • Bung/Plug Kit
  • Logworks Software CD
  • Quick Start Guide

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