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KW Suspension KW Hydraulic Lift System (HLS) Porsche 911 2008-2011

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KW Hydraulic Lift System (HLS) Porsche 911 2008-2011
The HLS provides additional road clearance for lowered vehicles. When expanded, a range of up to 45 mm of lift is produced, thereby helping sport cars avoid road clearance difficulties such as speed bumps, road construction, etc. KW HLS is available as vehicle specific solution or individual conversion kit depending on the car model.

HLS is available in two different versions: HLS 2 which is fitted to the front axle and HLS 4 which can be attached to the front and rear axle and allows lifting the entire vehicle. The hydraulic cylinder unit is located on the coilover body between spring perch and spring. The advantage of a hydraulic system is that there is no compression (motion) of the extended cylinder unit (resulting in no unwanted additional suspension movement) while driving.

  • HLS 2 Coilover Kit Includes Variant 3 Coilovers
  • Convertible w/ PASM
  • Convertible w/o PASM

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