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Turbonetics Hurricane 6665-T4 Lety Turbo

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Turbonetics 11226 Hurricane 6665-T4 Lety  Turbo
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Turbonetics Hurricane 6665-T4 Lety Turbo

The Hurricane 6665-4 (Code Name: Lety) is the third turbocharger in Turbonetics Hurricane series. Turbonetics Hurricane Series turbochargers focus on packing Turbonetics highest flowing compressor and turbine wheels into a compact unit for vehicles with space constraint issues that need big airflow to meet their horespower goals. The 6665-4 utilizes a 66mm compressor wheel within a traditional 60 series compressor cover. This uniquely packaged compressor configuration is married with a traditional T4 turbine wheel and housing combination (F1-65) to provide 500 to 600 HP worth of air and large pressure ratio potential in an extremely flexible package. This turbo is ideal for all out power 4 cylinders and most 6 cylinder and smaller displacement 8 cylinder engines. Available in either a standard beaing or Turbonetics patented ceramic ball bearing configuration.

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