Brembo 33S60051 High Performance Sport Slotted Rotors FRONT 300ZX Image1
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Brembo High Performance Sport Slotted Rotors FRONT 300ZX

  • Matched OE equipment rotors

  • Slotted and cadmium coated

  • Nissan 300ZX

Product Details

Brembo High Performance Sport Slotted Rotors are specifically designed for drivers who want to improve the looks and performance of their vehicle's braking system. A Brembo sport slotted brake rotor matches the vehicle's OE rotors so that users do not have to change any additional brake components in their vehicle. It is fully compatible with the vehicle's hubs, brake calipers, and wheels.

Brembo rotors undergo extensive measures to maintain the looks and performance that the Brembo name has to offer. Brembo's electronic balancing system eliminates any possible difference in weight split of vented rotors to avoid any kind of vibrations. With top notch quality control, each rotor has a perfect uniform thickness of the braking surface to ensure top performance and maximum comfort with much higher durability then stock rotors. Precise finish of the brake surface ensures improved pad to disc fit and better run-ins. Each Brembo rotor has precise tolerance that guarantees correct run-out values and the elimination of disc vibrations.

Brembo sport slotted brake rotors are cadmium coated for corrosion resistance to help eliminate rust while at the same time, giving your vehicle that bold and aggressive appearance.

Specs: For 30mm calipers only.

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