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GReddy 14540401 High Capacity Differential Cover MAZ RX7 FD3S +1000cc Image1
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GReddy High Capacity Differential Cover MAZ RX7 FD3S +1000cc

  • +1000cc of oil w/ baffle, port

  • Great for clutch type LSD

  • Lowers oil temp & extend life

GReddy 14540401 High Capacity Differential Cover MAZ RX7 FD3S +1000cc
List Price: $355.00
$337.25  Save 5%

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Product Details

GReddy high capacity differential cover will prolong the life of your expensive differential. Extreme motorsports such as drifting, circuit racing, or rallying quickly increases the oil temperature in your differential causing it to not work 100%. Greddy differential cover adds 1000cc of differential oil and extended heat capacity to the diffeerential. The casting comes with baffles and fins to help dissapate the heat while keeping the oil where you need it. This item is a must have for anyone with an aftermarket LSD. This is considerably lengthen the life of your LSD. You will need a new rear diff cover gasket for installation.

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