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FRSPORT 1140 Hella H4 Headlight Conversion Kit RPS13 S13 Image1
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FRSPORT Hella H4 Headlight Conversion Kit RPS13 S13

   7 reviews

  • Quick and easy H4 conv.

  • Replaces stock sealed housing

  • Comes with light bulbs

FRSPORT 1140 Hella H4 Headlight Conversion Kit RPS13 S13
List Price: $180.00
$107.59  Save 40%

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Product Details

Hella H4 Pop-Up Head Light Conversion Kit for 1989-1994 Nissan 240SX. Hella now offers a headlight housing replacement kit for those wanting to convert their stock pop-up housing with H4 headlight housing.

This is the best headlight housing upgrade kit for those who want to run H4 headlights. No modification is required, just pop the old ones out and install the new ones in. This upgrade is a must for those who want to run Xenon lights or other style of lighting. This is a great quality kit at a great price. Don't trust the cheap quality headlights housing found on eBay.

Note: These head light housings are DOT Approved.

Product Reviews and Ratings

4.4 out of 5.0 based on 7 reviews

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By marc

Oct 11, 2017

I don't know why but my lights came with these tabs that interfere and do not allow the headlight holder to go over the lights. I would never buy these lights again

By KA Powered

Mar 18, 2014

Very easy installation! Completely plug and play and saves money down the line of having to buy an entire headlight vs. a bulb

By Danny

Dec 27, 2013

Got these for my s13. Noticeably brighter than my stock lights and has more coverage. Gives it a "newer" OEM look. Very satisfied!

By Anthony

Mar 12, 2013

Easy install. Super bright!

By phillips13hb

Jan 8, 2011

Not bad to install! they are waaay brighter than stock, and have a broader range of light.

By S13Kid

Jun 3, 2010

Easy to install, look great, work great and not a bad price either

By Max

Mar 8, 2010

Easy to install! They are HELLA bright and they dont get to hot and are 100X better than stock. They have a much cleaner white light and a wider band of light and look HELLA sick on my 93 240sx.