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Hawk HB178N.564 HP Plus Brake Pads Front Nissan 300ZX Base 1994-1996 Image1

Hawk HP Plus Brake Pads Front Nissan 300ZX Base 1994-1996

  • Hawk Stopping Power

  • Made in the USA

  • Easy Install

Hawk HB178N.564 HP Plus Brake Pads Front Nissan 300ZX Base 1994-1996
List Price: $152.54
$137.29  Save 10%

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Product Details

The Hawk HP Plus Brake Pad is a must have brake pad for the weekend autocross or track driver. The HP Plus Brake Pad was made with autocross and track cars in mind. Not only do the Hawk HP Plus Brake Pads perform on the track but they are still versatile enough to be used on the street so you can drive your car to and from the track without having to switch to a less aggressive brake pad. The special friction compound formula delivers a high torque values with lower wear rates than many other competitive brake pad materials. The HP Plus pad is material helps resist brake fade and has an extremely aggressive bite which will slow your car down quickly and safely. After all isn't that what a track pad should do?

  • High Friction Pad
  • Very Resistant to Brake Fade
  • Superb Double Duty Friction Compound
  • Longer Lasting Pad than Competitive Pad Materials
  • Limited Lifetime Hawk Warranty
  • HP Plus Brake Pads FMSI ID, D460
  • Position: Front
  • Position: Front

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