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Tomei HICAS Lock HICAS Eliminator

  • Direct Steering Control

  • Removes HICAS Activation

  • Stability at the Limit

Tomei 56000S210 HICAS Lock HICAS Eliminator
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Tomei 56000S210 HICAS Lock HICAS Eliminator

Tomei developed this kit to electronically and manually eliminates the HICAS or Super-HICAS rear wheel steering on your Nissan.

You may ask why you would want to do this, if Nissan went to all the trouble to develop this system. The reason for this is that when driving spiritedly on the road, hard on the track, drag racing or when drifting, the HICAS system can be obtrusive. The HICAS system was designed and built to stabilise the car during normal road driving. When you begin to drive faster sometimes the car may unnervingly twitch or skip from rear end at high speed when the HICAS computer decides you need help steering the car.

This kit does not remove the entire kit. It simply disables the electronic circuitry to the remote actuators on the suspension and as a precaution, bushes are inserted at the actuators to stop them from moving. Purchase today for better drifts, and a more predictable car at the limit.

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