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Nissan 14495-40P10 Genuine OEM T25 T28 Turbo Turbine Locking Tab Image1
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Nissan Genuine OEM T25 T28 Turbo Turbine Locking Tab

   3 reviews

  • Locks nuts in place

  • Prevents backing out

  • OEM Part

Product Details

Genuine OEM Nissan T25 T28 Turbo Turbine Locking Tab. Should be used with installation of any T25/T28 turbo. The locking tabs can prevent the nuts from backing out and ultimately result in exhaust leak and power loss. The old ones may not be strong enough to hold the nuts in after many removal and re-installation, so be sure to get new ones! You will need 2 for each turbo.


Price is per piece! 

Product Reviews and Ratings

5.0 out of 5.0 based on 3 reviews

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By santiago

May 25, 2011

solved my problem of turbo coming loose

By Aldo

Jan 5, 2010

The only solution to the frequent burned-gasket problem.

By Francis

Apr 3, 2009

The only way to stop your turbo comming loose, and we all know how fustrating that is. 100%

Nissan 300ZX
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