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Nissan 13510-53J10 Genuine OEM Front Main Seal SR20DET Image1 Nissan 13510-53J10 Genuine OEM Front Main Seal SR20DET Image2
Nissan 13510-53J10 Genuine OEM Front Main Seal SR20DET- Image3
Nissan 13510-53J10 Genuine OEM Front Main Seal SR20DET- Image4

Nissan Genuine OEM Front Main Seal SR20DET

   1 review

  • OEM Factory Part

  • Fixes oil leak @ crank pulley

  • Easy to install!

Product Details

Genuine Front Main Seal for SR20DET. If you have an oil leak near the crank pulley over time, it is most likely due to a broken front main seal. Easy to replace and should be done if there are excessive oil leak behind the crank pulley.

Product Reviews and Ratings

5.0 out of 5.0 based on 1 review

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By Gabriel

Apr 26, 2014

Fast shipping with good shipping and handling cost even I live in Hawaii good matching description thank you guys for this easy transaction A+++ for ******

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