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Nissan 10101-17U29 Genuine OEM Complete Engine Gasket Kit (Set) RB25DE RB25DET Image1
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Nissan Genuine OEM Complete Engine Gasket Kit (Set) RB25DE RB25DET

   2 reviews

  • Recommended for rebuilds

  • Includes all important gaskets

  • Genuine Nissan parts

Product Details

Brand new OEM RB25DE RB25DET Engine Gasket Kit. Comes with everything you need for a complete engine rebuild. See list below to find out what is in this kit.


  • Gasket Maker 150g
  • Drain Plug Washer
  • Cylinder Head Gasket
  • Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal
  • Camshaft Oil Seal
  • Valve Stem Oil Seal
  • Rocker Cover Exhaust Gasket
  • Rocker Cover Intake Gasket
  • Crankshaft Oil Seal
  • Intake Manifold Collector Gasket
  • Intake Manifold Gasket
  • Exhaust manifold Gasket
  • Oil Strainer O-Ring
  • Oil Pump gasket
  • Throttle Chamber Gasket
  • Seal O-Rings
  • Water Temp Sensor Gasket
  • AAC Valve Gasket

Product Reviews and Ratings

2.0 out of 5.0 based on 1 review

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By Rob

Sep 13, 2017

I just completed my RB25 long block rebuild and I have to say there are several gaskets that are missing from this kit that are absolutely essential. They're even pictured above, but to be fair, they're not in the list in the description. Specifically, the oil cooler gasket (yellow, round, far right on image) is missing and the "Oil Return Line" gasket (highlighted in yellow here: https://******/I11RVlv) are both missing. I can't even find the latter gasket anywhere. Going to reach out to friends at Nissan Japan for help with that one and will update if I find the right part number. Anyway, buyer beware. And this is no fault of FRSport. They're very specific about which gaskets you get. It's Nissan being dumb and not including absolutely essential gaskets in a rebuild kit.