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Radium Fuel Surge Tank Wiring Harness Fully Populated Universal

  • For Surge Tank Installs

  • Universal Application

  • Radium Quality

Product Details

This fully assembled universal wiring harness is designed to work for the following Radium Engineering fuel surge tanks:

  • Single pump Walbro 255 FST
  • Single pump Walbro 400 FST
  • Single Pump Walbro E85 FST
  • Single pump AEM 50-1000 Gas FST
  • Single pump AEM 50-1200 E85 FST
  • Single pump Aeromotive 340R Stealth FST
  • Single pump DeatschWerks DW300 FST
  • Single pump Bosch 040 FST
  • Single pump Bosch 023 FST

The harness includes a environmentally sealed mini fuse holder that has an integrated mounting boss. A 20AMP fuse is included. Note: a higher current fuse may be required if fuel pressure is run excessively high. Also included is a environmentally sealed relay that has a mounting boss as well.

For wiring, all that is required is a source for the FST fuel pump(s) trigger signal. Fuel surge tanks typically use the main fuel pump's relay trigger from the ECU. The other two connections for this harness are 12V power and chassis ground. These leads both use 5/16" ring terminals.

The high temperature braided sleeving is flame retardant and is rated for over 250 Fahrenheit. All wiring lead ends are labeled for ease of installation.

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