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Nismo 22670-RR580 Fuel Pressure Regulator Type-A Image1
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Nismo Fuel Pressure Regulator Type-A

  • Fully adjustable FPR

  • Range from 28.4 - 85.2 psi

  • Type-A

Product Details

Nismo Type-A Fuel Pressure Regulator is a fully adjustable FPR that is adjustable from 28.4 to 85.2 psi. This FPR is deisgned to fit directly on stock fuel rail of KA/SR motors without the use of extra hoses or FPR adapter for an easy bolt on FPR.


Note: This fuel pressure regulator will bolt on to the KA24DE fuel rail. However there will be limited space for the adjusting bolt. When adjusted correctly, the adjusting bolt should have enough room. Once it is adjusted, there will be no need for future changes.

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