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Aeromotive Fuel Distribution logs

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Aeromotive Fuel Distribution logs

Part of the Billy Glidden Signature Series, the new Aeromotive Fuel Distribution Logs feature eight (8) -06 outlet ports and -10 inlet and outlet flow-through designed end ports. Now serious racers and performance enthusiast can distribute fuel to multiple locations all from one pump. This compact distribution log saves weight and expense by eliminating unnecessary plumbing. And, with the ability to run in-line with an Aeromotive Fuel Pressure regulator like the 13208 Pro Stock Regulator or the 13212 A2000 Bypass Regulator, the need for multiple pumps and tanks is virtually eliminated.
• (2) ORB-10 flow through end-ports
• (8) ORB-06 offset outlet ports
• Offset ports make service in the field quick and easy
• Compact size: 1.5? tall x 4.625? long x 1.25” wide

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