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Swift Front Sway Bar Honda Civic Type R

  • Front Sway Bar

  • Non Adjustable

  • 130% Stock Rate

Swift TS103-003 Front Sway Bar Honda Civic Type R
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In the pit of Europe & Asia, Swift engineers received some complaints about the anti-roll bars (stabilizer / sway bars) available. Stabilizer bars effect a vehicles handling the most out of any individual suspension component so they paid attention to these complaints.

The complaints were not the ability of the bars to prevent body roll, but the fact that they lost traction easily because the lateral roll was so stiff that it exceeded the tire lateral traction limits.

Swift knew that the first step was to look at material that was able to be rigid and still provide enough flex for the bar to prevent the lateral weight transfer to cause tires to loose grip. Swift also wanted to find the ideal stiffness that limits body roll without loosing traction from the tires during aggressive cornering.

The stabilizer bar's bends "take up" was another newly studied dynamic. The difference in density of the material was in the bend which effects durability and stiffness as well as the torsion rate. Swift developed a similar composite to the Swift springs for the stabilizers. It offered great durability and an ideal level of flex.

The final design hurtle was the selection of bushing material. Swift tested a large selection of materials and found that depending on application, different hardness was ideal. Swift found the difference to be so profound that they use the most ideal hardness for the application.

Rate compared to stock bar: 116%

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