Girodisc CRK1-007 Front Caliper Rebuild Kit Subaru 04-07 STI Image1
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Girodisc Front Caliper Rebuild Kit Subaru 04-07 STI

  • Restore Calipers

  • 1 Kit Per Caliper

  • Girodisc Quality

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Front Caliper Rebuild Kit Subaru 08-11 STI
Been to a few too many track days? Didn't have Titanium heat shields in behind your pads? Now your dust seals are cooked and you don't know what to do...well we can help! This kit is put together from all quality Girodisc components to rebuild your caliper back to like new. One kit is required per caliper. Once you decide to do this, get the Ti shields as well and lengthen the time interval between rebuilds. The shields are less than the seals! Dust boots and seals are available separately as well.

When comparison shopping, be sure to notice the quality of our components. Any questions, give us a call, we're happy to help!

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