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Aeromotive Ford Mustang Sumped Fuel Tank

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Aeromotive 18601 Ford Mustang Sumped Fuel Tank
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Aeromotive Ford Mustang Sumped Fuel Tank

For easy, bolt-on installation in EFI & carbureted applications. Ensures a constant fuel supply at the pump inlet while eliminating cavitation, vapor lock, and premature pump wear due to restrictive fuel inserts or ”pick-up” tubes. Theres no need to struggle engineering a proper baffle box, welding a used, rusty tank or building a firewall to give up your cargo space for a fuel cell.

• Aeromotives advanced EFI sump design features a large reservoir volume, floor to ceiling baffling and proprietary return ramp to ensure a constant head of calm fuel is always available at the pump's inlet, right down to ”E” empty.
• Equipped with two ORB-10 outlet ports and an ORB-10 return port which can be adapted to AN-8 or AN-6 with the correct ORB reducer fitting.
• Fits 86 - 98 Ford Mustang.
• Bolts in the stock location with no chassis or floor pan modifications, utilizes the stock filler neck/door, fuel level sending unit and tank mounting straps.
• Easily fits 79 - 86 Fox Body Mustangs, requiring the later 86 - 98 fuel level sending unit as the only modification.

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