Tomei 193070 Flywheel Bolts Toyota 4AG Full Set Image1
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Tomei Flywheel Bolts Toyota 4AG Full Set

  • M10 x P1.25

  • 8 Pieces

  • 12 Point Head

Tomei 193070 Flywheel Bolts Toyota 4AG Full Set
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Tomei flywheel bolts for the Toyota 4AG engine are forged to reduce the chance of bolt failure due to increased RPM ranges.  The stock bolts cannot sustain long periods of high rpm loads and are known to break over time.  12 point head help make it easier to tighten the proper torque.

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Vehicle Applications

Years Make Model Trim Chassis Engine Notes
1985 - 1987 Toyota COROLLA SPORT GTS     Flywheel Bolt Set
1987 - 1988 Toyota COROLLA FX16FX16 GTS     Flywheel Bolt Set
1988 - 1991 Toyota COROLLA GTS     Flywheel Bolt Set
1985 - 1989 Toyota MR2 BASE     Flywheel Bolt Set
1983 - 1987 Toyota Corolla   (AE86) 4AGE